52and39/31 Morning Pages


I love the first hour of full light on a summer morning.


It seems a secret time when anything is possible; when birds are busy and a handful of people quietly share the world with more space and air between than is normal.


I wish I could stop the clock and sit holding a mug of coffee at my chin, knees pulled into my chest.  I like staring through a window, waking slowly as the gears of the day slot one into the other, pulling tiny seconds methodically away from night.52and39




IMG_8897 IMG_8909    IMG_8980 IMG_8916

Author: wordathlon

I'm Heather, I'm a writer and content creator living in Edinburgh and I also edit The Grantidote. I like laughing, reflecting, getting lost in music, honesty, creativity, food, great people and places. You can email me at wordathlon@gmail.com

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