52and40/16 The Out-Crowd





Things I didn’t know last month;

  1. There are jellyfish all round the coast of Denmark – my husband got stung every other summer as a kid playing in the viking sea.
  1. The Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art was originally built as a mansion for William Cunninghame in 1778, for £10,000. Cunninghame was a Tobacco Lord who benefited hugely from trade winds, the hideousness of the triangular slave trade and the connections of his prosperous merchant family.
  1. For the worse or better, it only takes two people to start a movement.





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52and40/15 Embers


The zombies are calling me.

People who refer to other people as ‘they’.

‘They’re all the same’, and, ‘that’s what they want you to think’.

People who’ve given up on hope and change and hunkered down, rolling a boulder called fear into the cave doorway and frowning about how they’ll get the smoke from the fire to vent in a closed space.

I feel the temptation.

It’d be easy to sign up for the Daily Mail and play Loathe My Neighbour.

But, goddammit, I’ve no experience of easy ever feeling worth it.


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52and39/19 Not Dead


Banksy / Robert W Service

You can change the world, or yourself, if you want to.

It’s been done before.

Rosa Parks, sitting on a bus. Image credit Don Cravens/Time Life

Just work out where you sit.

Inez Milholland Boissevain, 1913 Suffrage Parade, Image credit: Library of Congress
Inez Milholland Boissevain, 1913 Suffrage Parade, Image credit: Library of Congress

If death and taxes are two certainties in life, they rank below the certainty of change.


Why shouldn’t change travel in the direction you want to see the wind blow?

Great change comes from gestures big and small.

blood foot

Unlike graffiti, it rarely happens overnight.

Peaceful protest is positive protest.

common weal

Often, if you can represent a cause with a powerful image you can propel a change and better tell its story.