52and40/34 Passing Place

My nephew moved in with us a few months ago, all the way from a Pyrenean idyll in the south of France.  It’s really interesting seeing someone discover Edinburgh, it reminds me of all the compromises we’ve made along the way as well as the rewards of the move.  It’s also interesting living with a ‘new’ person full-time.  It holds a mirror up to everyone’s personalities and quirks and asks whether you’ll each change or grow the things about yourself that are suddenly more visible.  Mostly, it feels like an excellent challenge.



52and39/42 Are You Straight?

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A few weeks ago on the number 16 going down Leith Walk a tourist got on, cleared her throat, radiated deep blushes and asked the driver in a beautifully accented voice, ‘Are you straight?‘, while pointing down the big road through the front windows.  The driver replied with,  ‘yes, I’m going straight on’.

She paid, thanked him, smiled a lot and humphed on her huge rucksack and hand luggage.

This week in France I told a farmer I only speak a petit pois of French.

52and39Good enough is amusing.  And good enough.

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52and39/18 Someone Else’s Treasure

I dropped in at an auction for the first time yesterday.  There was a good balance of weird and wonderful.

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As we inject more light into our old house, I’m re-opening my ideas to beautiful old bits and pieces, with less fear of adding shadow.

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Afterwards I went next door to EFI – my familiar comfort zone of price, possibilities and ethos.

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Last weekend I visited EMMAUS in Pau, France.

Like EFI, EMMAUS is a place where people and things come together to get new beginnings; an imagination firing, lifeblood shopping experience.

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