52and40/26 Out of the Blue


My daughter tells me she learned at school there hasn’t been a May as dry as this in Scotland since before I was born in 1976.

It seems we picked a lucky time for digging a new border in the garden and moving plants around to fill it up.  It’s become habit, to go out between writing and running about and be amongst plants growing right before my eyes, echoing the kids growing and changing too.  This time of the teenager seems the busiest of family life yet – and possibly the most rewarding.




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52and39/41 Bring Down Your Washing

We’re going on holiday and I’m losing it about suitcases.

IMG_0151  IMG_0148 (1)

My kids throw jeans decorated with food and grass stains at bags and consider themselves packed.  No big deal.  They’ve forgotten everything from lens liquid to underwear and chargers but they’re ready, apparently.  Were it not for the fact they’d totally cock up the holiday at the other end by being filth packed for a day’s gaming I’d go with it and shrug my shoulders right back at them. 52and39

Instead, I’ve been patient, child-centered and nurturing for 72 hours.

Now I’m freaking.