52and40/22 Uprising


Our wee extension’s starting soon and early signs say the plants are keen on change this summer too.

We’ve imposed new garden structure by getting rid of the decrepit shed, clearing the Krugeresque brambles and waving cheerio to 9m of mixed hedge which only ever managed to look tortured, despite optimistic pruning.


A winter project which leaked into spring was a new boundary fence.  With this came unexpected clarity about divvying up remaining space.  Digging awaits.

Clarity’s good in these mad Brexit times (as are friends with doors which make me smile).


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52and39/16 Time for Everything


I often start the day wondering how I’ll get everything done.  I can get lost in a fog of over-thinking.  The things I’d like to do before 10am tangle up with the things I want to do before 2025 so that sometimes I shoot myself in the foot and lose my mojo a bit.


I have been asking myself a calming question recently and it seems pertinent as school holidays draw to an end and scheduling comes into view again;

What if, just maybe, what if there will be time for everything?