52and40/3 California Dreaming

In Scotland, another place is never far away if you need a change from where you are. When we first moved from Deeside and started exploring Edinburgh and surrounds my kids nicknamed East Lothian ‘California’.




East Lothian was how they imagined life on the western US coastline to be – sunshine, beaches, big skies, ice creams and ocean.

I like being close to farmland and watching the seasons dictate different things to people.

So  on away days when we need to mix sand and soil with the city, we go to Scottish California.

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52and39/52 To Our Health

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2015 has been the year for highly serendipitous experiences.

No sooner have I thought one thing then related things have happened, leading my thoughts to necessary places or confirming hunches that what I was thinking was right or wrong after all.


This last fortnight I’m hit repeatedly by thoughts of mismatched perspectives.  Two people can experience the exact same thing and recount it in jarringly oppositional or wonderfully eye opening ways.  Our eyes have different filters, our minds apply unique emotional processing, memories and logic.

Everyone has their truth – and their stories.



This post is the very last in the 52and39 series. The first post in the series is here.  Thank you so much to everyone who has commented, shared and read these posts that have given 2015 such subtle but powerful writing purpose for me.  Watch this space for my new blogging series for 2016.  

Slainte, Heather xx 



52and39/7 Legacy


I remember adults being upset about graffiti when I was small.  I understand why – it was mostly just vandalism then.

When it’s done with intention, when it isn’t spoiling something enjoyable or holistically purposeful though, I get that.  It’s modern cave-painting.  It’s the creative burst, no matter how crude the subject, in which I feel aware of the mood & movement of the originator, like residual aura.




Sometimes it’s wild giggling.


Other times it’s humour, identity or control; always interesting when the compulsion has simultaneously been about creativity, infamy and rebellion.



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