About Gallery Series

I heart art.  I heart it big time.  Art is kind of my metaphysical church;  along with nature. It’s my spiritual home where I find my connection to the universe and where all things make sense.  I used to be scared to say  all of that, firstly in case people thought I was mad and secondly in case I triggered intellectual snobbery.  I guess also mostly because I felt I was sneaking a ride on a bus I didn’t have a proper ticket for.

What strange spells our culture weaves about class and entitlement and creativity, huh?

Nowadays I understand fully that art belongs to everyone, especially mentally healthy people.  I fiercely believe that happiness is most commonly borne from creativity and that in turn, creativity teaches us the wonder and perspective essential to understanding the world and each other.

Gallery Series posts appreciate art in a range of places and reflect on experiences with art that support and speak with my own creativity.  You can find Gallery Series posts here.

gallery series