52and40/15 Embers


The zombies are calling me.

People who refer to other people as ‘they’.

‘They’re all the same’, and, ‘that’s what they want you to think’.

People who’ve given up on hope and change and hunkered down, rolling a boulder called fear into the cave doorway and frowning about how they’ll get the smoke from the fire to vent in a closed space.

I feel the temptation.

It’d be easy to sign up for the Daily Mail and play Loathe My Neighbour.

But, goddammit, I’ve no experience of easy ever feeling worth it.


Read more about #52and40 here and follow the hashtag on Twitter.


Author: wordathlon

I'm Heather, I'm a writer and editor living in Edinburgh. I like laughing, reflecting, getting lost in music, discovering great people, information and places. You can email me at wordathlon@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “52and40/15 Embers”

  1. It truly must have been an extraordinary experience to have been part of something like this. It feels (watching from the outside) that the overwhelming attitude from protesters was one of hope, change and belief in better.

    It’s not something I’ve taken part in (never knowingly able to squeeze my views into any of the more popular narratives – other than the fact that Trump’s a nob #obvs) but wonderful to see people get off their arses and protesting in the fresh air instead of all that bloody internet outrage that’s so popular these days;)

    So very well done. X

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    1. More tonight! Protests can feel like the scene in The Life of Brian where various folk try to convince on their issue under an umbrella of cross-grievance. It can get a bit bizarre but there’s no doubt in me afterwards, I always feel better about the world for trying, for showing up, than I did beforehand. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to hear what’s said at a grassroots level and never reported in the press. X

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      1. Ah! Interesting! You’ve appealed to my keen sense of paranoia 😉 Now you’re talking my language lol 🙂

        As you know I’m always suspicious of view point provided in a neat package from mainstream media


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  2. Also I find your ‘umbrella of cross grievance’ observation fascinating!!

    Presuming this means that people assume that they can use this protest to get across their own unrelated agenda… Or the assumption that their unrelated agenda will be fixed or met by the protest….

    I can imagine that would be disconcerting and weirdly funny.

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