52and39/33 Shut Up and Let Me Go



I’ve come to acknowledge I have an unhealthy relationship with competitiveness.  It lives inside of me, waiting to jump out of my shoulder and be hideous to people or show off and maraud around like an ape on steroids.



I’ve become the patient, hippyish parent of this hyper, pulsing alter-ego.  My body is its Steiner School.  It’s treated with love and its bad behaviour is ignored.


I use distractions to lure it from evil.  I praise it when it is contributing to positive outcomes that make the whole class feel good.



52and39   IMG_9143

For clarity and cake hunting sanity, the interior cafe & cake shots are taken at Pentland Plants Ltd.  


Author: wordathlon

I'm Heather, I'm a writer and I live in Edinburgh. I like laughing, reflecting, getting lost in music, discovering great people, information and places. You can find me on Twitter @betamother or email me at wordathlon@gmail.com

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