52and39/28 Talk This Way



I sang a solo in assembly at primary school.   I was not to sing with my accent.  I was to smooth it out, press it, make it like the ones on telly.  Stop it from being harsh, hard, common, comical and broad.  To make it more beautiful, for the song.


My Mum taught me to use a posh voice if you needed to be taken seriously; at work, returning something to a shop, parent’s night, church and politicians.52and39

SubstandardFullSizeRender (7)



The song was called All Alone.  Nowadays I have one voice for everything.

IMG_8511Collage2Read more about #52and39 here.


Author: wordathlon

I'm Heather, I'm a writer and editor living in Edinburgh. I like laughing, reflecting, getting lost in music, discovering great people, information and places. You can email me at wordathlon@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “52and39/28 Talk This Way”

  1. Love the way you combine a crisp, fresh linguistic tone with the fresh snap of the images. The words kind of get a sharp outline that you see in the pics.


    1. Thanks you 🙂 It’s funny how it comes together. I had so much on my mind today so had 3 posts in the background, flipping between them and tweaking to see which would take flight. This won out today as it worked so well with the best pics of the week.


      1. It’s a great mix of mental images, visual and linguistic. Do you do anything with video or audio?


      2. Sadly no. I’d love to tho. Once helped a singer friend make a very amateur video for a demo, yrs ago, pre-YouTube and also mucked about with video editing at college. Would just LOVE to work on something combining words/music/images. Fingers crossed for one day :-))

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