52and39/9 Cognitive Dissonance

When we think one thing and do another, we experience cognitive dissonance.  It’s when our thoughts kinda get into a fight with our circumstances.


Same thing when we’re confronted with a
52and39situation that doesn’t chime with what we know to be right; we’re conflicted as we try to fit ideas or people together and put a frame of understanding around them all.

Edinburgh’s full of old next to new, unexpected next to predictable – an urban harmony playing host to us all as we make and sort through experiences, thoughts and behaviour.


Author: wordathlon

I'm Heather, I'm a writer and content creator living in Edinburgh and I also edit The Grantidote. I like laughing, reflecting, getting lost in music, honesty, creativity, food, great people and places. You can email me at wordathlon@gmail.com

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